Features comparison form

equipment feature comparison form. Fill up the featiures in the respective columns and you can easily compare the features for easy selection of models

Features Characteristics          
Megapixel More is better. atleast 12 or more. If you are a commercial photographer, go for the highest number as this is the first thing any prospective client asks for.          
sensor type and size Bigger sensor size is better. ccd/cmos both are fine          
Metering modes more options are beter. multipattern, center weighetd, spot. lower versions generally do not have spot.          
ISO range Lower the starting range beter is the picture quality. Having 50iso is a good option. having higher iso is helpful only in low light photography with relatively lower quality          
Flash sync Higher is beter as you get more flexibility while shooting outdoors with flash          
Shutter speeds Higher is beter. look for 1/8000 but atleast 1/4000th sec          
LCD monitor size 3"atleast but does not effect picture quality          
LCD pixels/dots more is beter but does not effect picture quality          
Lens compatibility All lenses can be attached  to smaller sensor size but only full frame lenses are compatible with full sensor.           
Movie These are added features but not at the cost of the image quality.          
Power Avoid AA /AAA cells          
camera body buildup Beter build /whather sealing will ofcourse be more expensive. If you are an amateur and intend to use the camera mostly indoors unlike in sports, wildlife or jounalism, you may go for a model with more features than beter construction.          
shuter life More is beter but than the camera will be expensive as well.          
Inbuilt flash Most pro cameras would not have one. If you are a pro / serious amateur, you would certainly need an external flash as well. For an amateur this is an added feature.          
Sensor cleaning Must have feature.          
File formats Must have RAW format          
Overall system cost check equipment buying form. what is the total cost of equipment you intend to buy.          
Review / ratings check reviews from websites like
www.fredmiranda.com www.bhphoto.com www.dpreview.com
any other            
Total cost            

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