We have the same courses for Professionals and Amateurs as we strongly believe that its all about learning and even if you are learning photography just for yourself, you need to be as good as a professional. On the other hand if you want to pursue photography as a career, you have to be passionate about it.


  Duration based How much time do you have ? Decide the course on the basis of time you have.

15 days certificate course

2 months certificate course 6 months Diploma course 1 year diploma course  
  Content based How much do you want to learn? Decide the course based on the content  and the extend you wish explore photography. 
  Camera Handling only Basics Complete short Complete extended Customised
  Specialisation Already a Photographer ? Need to specialise? These are the courses for you. 
  Fashion photography Studio Lighting Film direction & Editing Digital workflow and management  
  one year Lifetime      
  Basics only Advance only Complete    
  All genres Fashion