Canon EF and EFs Lenses. All our lenses come with corresponding HOYA uv filters absolutely free.


Standard/Medium Telephoto Lens
40mm 40mm versus 50mm
50mm Compare 50mm lens variants
  Canon EF 50/1.2 L USM  Canon EF 50mmf/1.4USM  
109,995 106695 27995  26995  
Canon EF85mm f/1.2 L II USM Canon EF 85mm 1.8 USM  
165,995  161015 32,995  32005  
  Canon EF 100mmf/2 USM Canon EF100/2.8L Macro IS USM  
  39,995 65,995  


Telephoto/Super  Telephoto Lens
  Canon Zoom Lens EF 135mm f/ 2.0 L USM Canon EF 135mmf/2.8  
  84,995 39,995  
  Canon Lens EF200/2L IS USM Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM  
  4,99,990 69,995  
  Canon Lens EF300 MM F/2.8L IS II USM Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM  
  4,91,995 1,19,995  
  Canon Lens EF400/2.8LISIIU Canon EF 400mmf/4DO IS USM  
  7,49,995 4,89,990  

500 mm



  canon lens 500mm f/4 canon 600MM 1:4 I IS II USM  
  6,49,995 8,49,995  
600 mm      


Macro Lens- Ideal for making miniscule subjects larger-than-life, macro lenses bring to light a variety of minute details otherwise missed by the human eye. 

50mm macro

65mm macro

Compare EF 50mm f 2.5 with EFs 60mm f 2.8
  Canon Compact Macro lens EF 50mm F/2.5 Canon Macro Photo Lens MP‐E65 F/2.8 1‐5X  
  28,995 79,995  

100mm macro 

180mm macro

  Canon EF100/2.8L Macro IS USM Canon Macro Lens EF 100/2.8 USM Canon 100 mm IS versus non IS versions
  65,995 40,995  


canon lens TS-E IMG_7635IMG_7635
  Canon Lens TS‐E 17mm f/4 L Canon TS‐E 24mm  f/3.5 L II Canon TS‐E 45mm  f/2.8 Canon Lens TS‐E 90MM F/2.8
  1,69,995 149,995 108,995 109,995


  Canon Zoom Lens EF 135mm f/ 2.0 L USM Canon EF 135mmf/2.8 Canon Lens EF200/2L IS USM Canon EF 200mm f/2.8L II USM
  84,995 39,995 4,99,990 69,995
  Canon Lens EF300 MM F/2.8L IS II USM Canon EF 300mm f/4L IS USM Canon Lens EF400/2.8LISIIU Canon EF 400mmf/4DO IS USM
  4,91,995 1,19,995 749,995 4,89,990


  Extender EF 1.4x III Extender EF 2x III
  30,995 35,995



wide zoom lenses SFIAC Statuto Race 2022 - 0642SFIAC Statuto Race 2022 - 0642 20211023_195730_833_IMG_008720211023_195730_833_IMG_0087
  Canon EF16‐35/2.8L II USM Canon EF 17‐40 L USM EF24‐70mm f/2.8L II USM EF24‐70mm 1:4L IS USM Canon EF 24‐105 L IS USM
  113,995 58,995 149,995 94,995 88,995


telephoto  zoom  lens 

  Canon Zoom Lens EF 28‐135MM 1:3.5‐5.6 IS USM Canon EF 28‐300mmf/3.5 ‐ 5.6L IS USM Canon Zoom Lens EF70‐200mm 1:2.8L IS II USM Canon EF 70‐200 1:2.8L USM Zoom Lens with Lens case & Lens Hood ET‐83 II
  39,995 204,995 176,995 109,995
Telephoto zoom lens EG3_0254EG3_0254
  Canon Zoom Lens EF70‐200 mm 1:4 IS USM Canon Lens EF 70‐200 4.0 L USM Canon EF70‐300mm f/4‐5.6 L IS USM Canon EF70‐300/4‐5.6 IS USM
  89,995 58,995 108,995 47,995
Telephoto zoom lens FG4_0013FG4_0013
  Canon EF 70‐300 f/4.6‐5.6 DO ISUSM Canon EF 75‐300/4‐5.6 III USM Canon Zoom Lens EF 75‐300MM 1:4‐5.6 III Canon EF 100‐400 L IS USM
  1,08,995 16,995 14,995 1,33,995


EF-S lenses LWE-89LWE-89
  Canon EF‐S 60 f/2.8 Macro USM Canon EF‐S10‐22/3.5‐4.5 USM Canon EF‐S15‐85/3.5‐5.6 IS USM Canon EF‐S17‐55/2.8IS USM Canon EF‐S17‐85/4‐5.6 IS USM
  35,995 59,995 59,995 84,995 48,995
EF-S lenses
  Canon Zoom Lens EF‐S 18‐55MM 3.5‐5.6 IS II Canon EF‐S18‐135/3.5‐5.6 IS CANON ZOOM LENS EF‐S18‐135mm 1:3.5‐5.6 IS STM Canon Zoom Lens EF‐S18‐200mm 3.5‐5.6 IS Canon Zoom Lens EF‐S55‐250 1:4‐5.6 IS II
  13,000 34,995 35,995 45,995 17,995
canon EF-M lenses
  CANON LENS EF‐M22MM 1:2 STM Canon EF‐M18‐55 IS STM
  15,995 19,395


L-Series Lens
Pro photographers have long held the L-Series lenses in high esteem. Signified by a bold red ring around the outer barrel, this series of lenses tops the entire EF lens system, and are an epitome of sophisticated Canon technologies such as Ultra-low Dispersion UD glass, Fluorite and Aspherical elements, and Super Spectra Coating.

EF-S Lens
Created for EOS DSLRs with APS-C sensors, these lenses are optimized for the smaller sensor size by being engineered smaller and lighter while performing capably to produce excellent results. The EF-S lens range covers an impressive wide array of focal lengths with cutting edge optical technology.

Specialty Lens
Fisheye - The full-frame fisheye lens can focus as close as 8 inches (0.2m) and distorts an image for a result that is either very widely panoramic or circular. Ideal for super wide-angle and special effects photography, the lenses deliver exceptionally sharp images throughout its focus range. 

TS-E - Special tilt-shift lenses reveal a whole horizon of creative shooting possibilities with its unique tilt and shift movements. By tilting, a wider depth of field can be obtained even at maximum aperture and the full subject in focus. By shifting, perspective can be corrected at almost any angle, especially useful when photographing tall subjects such as buildings.

Macro - Ideal for making miniscule subjects larger-than-life, macro lenses bring to light a variety of minute details otherwise missed by the human eye. 

Softfocus - Canon's EF 135mm f/2.8 with Softfocus is a prime lens specially created for portrait photography. By a rotation of three settings, the lens' spherical aberration correction can be controlled to adjust the sharpness or softness of the focus. This lens is perfect for smoother colours and gentler lighting in images. 


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