Special offer for expats and foreigners. Pay 30% lower fees. If you are from any of the American, European, Australian or other Asian countries, traveling to India, specially for the photography course or are based in India anyways, just ask for a 30% waiver in the course fees., 

Compared to courses all over the world, The photography courses in India are anyways cheaper than other such photography courses in New York, Paris, London or Sydney. To further promote our courses amongst the students based in other countries, we have worked out a special price 30% lower than the regular price. We can further assist you and guide you with the visa process if required. Also you will get assistance regarding a suitable accommodation around the academy.

You may also apply for sponsorship and if selected we may waive off upto 50% of your course fees. Just email your portfolio to [email protected] and if shortlisted, will be asked for a skype interview for the final selection.

Munish has had a chance to teach Photography to students and professionals from many countries including, England, France, Japan, Greece, Paris, Netherlands, Philipines, United Arab Emirates, Czech Republic, Brazil, Bolivia, Sweden, Mauritius, Maldives, Portugal over the past several years.