Reviews of the one day photography workshops by

Very enlightening. It covered a breadth of topics and skimmed through all basic essentials. Should provide a good starting point for us amateurs. We could have utilised the workshop bettre with pre reading + practice on our DSLRs- samika , sukhleen and tenzing

Provided proper guidance about photography and its other aspects.- aishwarya singh

Very informative- tarika jain

Nice and perceptive. would be interested in practical advanced workshops- amitach chodhary

Enjoyed it thoroughly. will surely attend more -Devika Singhania

Excellent- Rajat Arora

It was good. Learned a lot of new things- John M George

Though, the presentations were bit too techy for me, but got a nice guidance in the session afterwards, which would help me startup on a positive note. Thanks a ton. - Sonal Mahendru

wonderful workshop. Lots of learning- Mehrotra Maneesh

some practical outing would have great- Dr. Sushan

Excellent workshop- satish

Wonderful. Exactly what I expected. This will help- Kishore

Arrange basic programme for point and shoot camera and about camera features. -Capt S.K. jain

Pleasant experience. really admire the work! Looking forward to more workshops in the near future. - Mehak Chawla

Nice class, so many things to learn and today i learn so many things. I feel good to come and its worth- jai Sharma

More structural content would definitely help. But excellent workshop. Definitely worth the money, effort and time. Appreciate that Munish never said something like- Join our course to know about this. -Kriti Binani

A nice and learning workshop. Nice presentation. Good layout. New things to learn. better understanding of things known. looking forward to more such sessions to attend.- gaurav Singh

Liked the workshop, interesting content and amazing photographs.Looking forward for more.= paramveer singh sethi

workshop was good. I learn a few things which will definitely enhance my pictures. Munish has good command on what he is teaching. good learning for me. Thank you -Jyoti Thakur

Over all very good experience and came to know many new things on my camera which i did'nt know earlier. -sarvjeet singh

Excellent training, would like to join more such workshops -Shilpi Agrawal

gained a lot of knowledge about camera terminology. Munish explained it in a very simple way to understand which i loved the most in workshop. Will look forward to attend more workshops / course in future. - Ashish Malik

I liked this workshop. really help for me, specially examples are very good and effective. - Amit kumar

very informative- Kunal sen Verma

Loved the way it was presented.

It could have been more practical, if an ouside visit have been a part of the program. -siddharth dave

It was a great experience to attend the workshop, got to know a lot. I learnt and then decided to unlearn. Hehe... But thanks. Got to know more than i knew earlier. -ShwetankIt was an insightful session -Ankur Kumar

Can be a bit more structured in terms of areas that will be covered to be discussed upfront. Otherwise, pretty good, very informative and engaging. Will definitely be back for more. - Rohan Chopra

This workshop is very innovative and interesting for me to learn about photography.- Anwar Khan

It was good. This is the maximum one could cover in one day.- himanshu Gupta

Didn't know what to expect when i came for the workshop but i am going back wiser in the realm of photography and belive that it was a day well spent. there has been good learning and hope to put many of these learnings into practice. I know it may be tough given the space and arragements but one tea during the day may keep us lot more alert and active. -rajiv popli

Great to be part of the workshop. i think i was expecting a little more practical on basics. Look to come back again. do keep me posted on future workshops. - Jayant Jhanb

It wa really good and useful - Ritesh