Shooting a Nude can be quite interesting especially when you make it look artistic. It's a nude yet it's not vulgar at all. Bodyscapes draw a parallel from landscapes. When we talk about Fine art Photography, we may be talking about landscapes or Bodyscapes, that is Nude Photography. Creative Nude photography involves good skill of mastering and controlling the Light and hence the shade on a Human Body. The presence and Absence of light reveals the Nude body, the way the Artist, here the Photographer looks at it. The manner in which the light falls on the Body highlights the shapes, contours and form which all exist together on the Photographer's canvas.

Though these photographs have been shot with a digital camera the approach is always very simple with no manipulation at all. On the other photograph, any good photograph is always manipulated by the choice of camera angles and lenses used. A good creative photographer only shows what he wants to show and the rest, that exists but is not a part of his creative imagination is never captured on the film...sensor now a days. So, for a creative artist, all manipulation, if we call it manipulation, happens within those split seconds when he releases the shutter as he looks at a particular pose under a particular light, a single light in these photographs. 

Faces express. The eyes draw the attention.  While the Nudescapes here do not show the face, there are no other props around but just the body under the light.   I have exhibited the Nudes that I have shot in various exhibitions around the Globe. nudesnudesCreative Nude photography by Munish Khanna nudesnudesCreative Nude photography by Munish Khanna