Complete online Photography course by one of the well experienced commercial photographer taking you into a guided journey from basics of photography to advanced levels of creative photography. This online photography course gives you unlimited access to hundreds of videos and tutorials on not just basics of camera handling but also an in depth knowledge of topics as varied as Advertising, fashion, Interiors, Landscape, Modelling, Food, street and Fine art.

Who is this online photography course for ?

This course is for you if you have just bought a new DSLR and are struggling with the controls of your new sophisticated photography gadget. It's not as complex as it appears, once you go through the simple easy to understand explanations of a DSLR camera. Be it Nikon, canon, Sony or any other brand of camera, the concepts practically explained in our videos, let you handle any camera with equal ease.

If you are a budding photography professional but are facing with the problem of not getting your shots the way you expect them to be. Our advance levels of video tutorials created specially by Munish to help you sort various issues related to lighting, composition, Digital workflow, Post processing, Posing, Camera techniques and both studio and outdoor natural light photography. This course will help you become a much better and a technically sound photographer compared to what you are today. It will not only help you understand various photography related concepts with all clarity but also help you develop a stronger vision to turn simple photographs into beautiful work of art. Best online photography courseBest online photography course

What all is included in this online Photography course ?

Basics of Photography

About photography equipment

Handling of cameras - different brands

How to improve composition

Handling Exposure

Understanding terminology like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

Principles of natural light explained

How to handle different lighting situations

A to Z of Studio Lighting

Lighting techniques in the Studio

How to buy Equipment.

Exploring various genres

Do's and Don't of Photography

Critical analysis of your Photographs

Artificial versus Natural lighting

All about lenses

How to develop a Portfolio

Formulas that work in Photography

Guide to pose your subjects

Developing communication skills for better Photography

Flash Photography - All you need to Know

Digital workflow

Photoshop for Photographers

Shooting on RAW and processing

Photography as a Business

Something missing ? Simply ask us and we will include that in the course!

Should I opt for an online or an onsite photography course? which one is better?

It is a great idea to learn photography onsite in a class room be it indoors or outdoors in a field but it is equally great of not better to learn it online ! with advancements in technology there are several means though which physical distances no longer matter as long as you are in direct contact with your mentor. Besides practically learning the fine aspects of photography, face to face with your mentor, it's no longer a one way communication. You too can ask questions and discuss your issues live through skype or whats app video calls.

On the other hand if you prefer, you can opt for one of our regular photography courses which include the facility of a well spacious studio and lighting equipment to practice with. 

Try it out for free !

Yes, there is no risk involved. Simply register on our website and we will give you complete access to the whole course for a period of time during which you can go through the content to get an idea for yourself if it's the right online course for you or not ! Enrol if you feel it's working for you and simply discontinue if it's not the right course for you. You do not have to pay anything until you are satisfied that you are heading in the right direction in your dream of becoming a photographer. There are no obligations and no terms and conditions ! You can also check out this Preview Video!

online photography course previewPreview of online photography course by Munish Khanna

Value for money !

The investment in this online photography course is nothing when you compare it with tons of money spent on the photography equipment. This small investment made in yourself is actually what helps you get the best out of expensive photography equipment you invested in. Without the knowledge of how to use the equipment, it's a waste. If you are frustrated with the quality of your shots besides spending so much on top camera and lenses, here is your best bet to get the excellent shots these camera are capable of when handled by experienced creative photographers.

Special offer !

As an effort to help and reach out to more and more budding photographers in the world, this online photography course is currently being offered at a very special discounted price! Avail before our targets are met and the price is revised back to it's original higher value.

special discounted price for online photography coursespecial discounted price for online photography course

One course covers it all !

You do not have to sign up for different courses! One course covers everything from basics to advance. In case we have not covered up a particular topic or you feel you need to understand something still better. Do let us know and we will make best efforts to include the same at the earliest. Not separate but within one course itself you will find all the modules related to varied areas like, Travel, Wedding, Portraiture, fashion and street ! online photography course by Munish Khannaonline photography course by Munish Khanna

About the Mentor.

Every part of this online photography course, be it videos or tutorials has been meticulously put together by Munish himself summing up years and decades of his experience as a successful photographer as well as a great teacher. Munish graduated in Applied Art - Photography from the prestigious Government college of Art in Chandigarh, the city beautiful, designed by french architect, Le Carbousier. He went on to study digital Photography in New York, USA before he started up his own photography academy in Delhi, India. Featured on "Phaseone" website, He continues to shoot various Photography assignments covering a cast variety of genres of Photography. Besides Photography he has explored the creative aspects of film making as well. No wonder, he decided to share his knowledge gained through years of handwork into this simple yet effective easy to understand photography course. The objective of making this course online is also to reach out to a larger number of budding photographers across the country borders who can't afford to travel all the way to Delhi for his successful sought after on site regular course.  online photography course by Munish Khannaonline photography course by Munish KhannaMunish Khanna, New Delhi, India

Munish has participated and exhibited his photographs around the world in various photography exhibitions.  

What about the testimonials of some past students?

There are several Photographers who have undergone training in photography under the able guidance of Munish Khanna, the mentor for this online version of the photography course, which he has been conducting in Delhi since early nineties. 

  • " This is a fantastic course for every photography enthusiast who wishes to expand his photography knowledge. It covers a very wide range of information in the form of tutorials and videos which includes everything from buying the best photography equipment, camera settings to composing and lighting up the shots in a perfect manner. This program will certainly help anyone who is wanting to learn Photography "

  • "Photography is like cooking you may have the good ingredients but if you don't have the recipe, it won't be as perfect as you expect it. By sharing his "secret" formulas in photography, Munish helped efficiently to achieve my expectations."

  • "Munish is a very educational teacher who is able to tell you everything about photography in a calm, easy and educational way. His theory lessons are well prepared and covers A-Z. And since he works in the field he is able to give "real life" situations and the secrets of the job of a photographer.

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How does this Photography course work?

It's a simple process. Register on our website and request for a free access. We will grant you a free access for a limited period. Pay the course fees and get permanent unlimited access to the complete course forever. You also have the option of straight away pay and enrol for the course.

The concept of this online photography course.

We could have broken down this course into different parts to sell them separately. But we wanted to keep everything simple for both you as well as us. So this is one course, access of which you get in one go. However, we highly recommend that you go through the course in the order of appearance and practically practice what you learn as you proceed ahead. You can ask questions and share your photographs as you develop your skills. This will help us evaluate you better and you will no doubt become a better photographer with complete understanding of shooting the right way. If you are not able to continue in one go, you can get back to the basics or refer to a particular topic any time later as well since there are no restrictions on the number of time you can access the course.  best online photography coursebest online photography course

Anywhere Anytime !

Since you do not have to download anything, the course is available online and can be access through any device. 

Always get updates!

Continue to get updates as we add more and more stuff related to Photography in this online photography course. As technology evolves, there is always a need to update the content and introduce new methods and trends, be it in the studio or outdoors. Be it related to equipment or shooting styles, we ensure that you stay updated.

Not restricted to one medium or style of teaching

The teaching methodology of the course is not restricted to one style but includes a number of different ways of teaching. The course includes practical videos, presentation slides, theoretical well illustrated voice assisted articles and periodic one to one online sessions. A blend of various methods helps any one learn photography in a much better way as compared to a single method.

Includes Post Processing

You can do a lot more with your images if you know how to handle them well in post processing on a computer. Not that you have to manipulate your images but the course helps you enhance your photographs and make them look stunning through simple yet powerful digital enhancement settings on your Raw converting software. You can further develop your images on softwares like Adobe Photoshop.

Includes videos shot during actual photography shoots

Many videos are included showing the progress of actual photography shoots of Models and Products. This helps students understand actuals situations in a better manner.

The main Advantages of our Online photography course as compared to others.

Its a hybrid course ! It means various teaching methods and techniques have been employed to teach and help you understand Photography. Videos, presentations, photographs, critiques are all a part of this course and the online course is not restricted to just videos or presentations alone.

Includes all genres - While making a strong foundation, the Photography course covers various genres. Be it travel, fashion, advertising or journalism the course will prove to be useful for you in every field possible.

The course does not expire. - You do not have to rush with your learning. You may go through the course contents faster or slower as per your learning curve. 

Periodic regular updates The course contents are periodically updated with new tutorials added very often. 

Discussion forum - Interactions are very important for learning and you can directly interact with Munish Khanna anytime during the course.

Meet up - If you may prefer or require, you can also personally meet up or interact with the mentor in Delhi.

Evaluation - You can have yourself evaluated through our online tests to ensure that you are moving ahead at the right pace. It also helps in boosting your confidence.

Access across platforms - Be it computer, iPad or a mobile phone, you can have access to all the content from any platform at any time. No restrictions at all.

Suitable for all Age groups - From young teenagers to senior citizens, this course is suitable for all.


If you have not already purchased a camera. Join this course first or browse through the sections of our blog. We can certainly guide you to buy the best camera within your budget. Spending more on your camera and other equipment does not make you a better photographer but knowing how to make the best of your investment helps you become a successful photographer. Get the complete know how on how to spend your hand earned money and what kind of equipment you should buy based on your interest and budget.

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