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Founded by Advertising and Fashion photographer Munish Khanna, the concept of Munish Khanna academy is to provide complete and thorough training in photography and full support not just while the course is going on but for a lifetime. This is probably the only course which is based on the contents and not just the duration. Which means, making you a photographer is a commitment, whatever time it may take. It is not a training program, where you need to bother about, how many sessions you have attended and how many you have missed out. In the unlikely case that we are unable to make you understand a particular topic, we would continue with the same, till you are confident. So, you may cover up the course contents at a faster or slower pace as per your own capabilities. You may chose to cover up the training within a few weeks or space it out over a few months. It all depends on the number of hours you can devote everyday. .The number of students is also restricted in one group, enabling individual attention. In the success of our students lies our success. So, go ahead and unleash your passion for photography.
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Broadly speaking the training involves the following parameters during your lifetime membership.

DIRECT TRAINING-Learn directly from Munish through his practical and interactive sessions at the academy, join any session at your convenience in accordance with the calendar. Keep moving ahead as you cover various stages.

ONLINE KNOWLEDGE BANK-Whenever in doubt refer to the online book Light on Photography written by munish. the online book includes everything you need and nothing that you don't. simple to understand, the online book includes photographs, complete technical and aesthetical information, tutorial films, behind the scenes coverage etc. with this source around you don't need any other book to put light on photography!

ONLINE INTERACTION - Feedback and interaction is important. Besides direct discussions with Munish at the academy you are always in touch through this online forum on flickr. Post images and questions and get comments and answers directly from Munish. This is where you have the online calendar informing about the day to day class schedules at the academy

or simply go for our online photography course if you would like to pursue learning photography at your own pace.

Munish Khanna academy -55 uday park, New Delhi-49. Tel 9871020341 email- [email protected]

photography schools in delhiMunish Khanna's Photography exhibitions

Based on your level of photography skills you have two Course options to choose from. Basic, if you are a beginner and know nothing about photography and advance if you have been shooting for a while but are not confident enough. ideally, even if you know the basics, it is still best to go for the complete course as we are sure that you know the basics right. Most of the basic course students move on to the advance course. Only if your portfolio is exceptionally good, we may take you directly for the advance course.

FEES STRUCTURE (pls refer to for most updated information)
Basics only - 16000/-
complete course including Basic and Advance levels - 30,000/- - 

mentorship / Internship program - Rs. 120000/-

More about basic photography. Makes you confident in handling you camera and most of the photographic situations.

More in-depth knowledge. Besides the natural light a lot of studio photography covering various genres of photography are included. Exclusive international tutorials and hands on practicals. Build up your own strong portfolio with professional models. Almost all topics covered practically.

photography schools in delhiMunish Khanna's Photography exhibitions

HOW DOES IT WORK- since the number of students in one group is restricted, a general time slot /number of days is worked out suitable to all. Based on that the calendar is posted online, which needs to be checked for the exact updated information regarding the schedule. the updates are usually done a few days in advance. As these are open content based sessions, just keep a track of any session which you may miss out and join in the next time that particular topic is scheduled. There is not restriction on the number of times you attend a particular class. Follow the link below and request to join the group where the calendar is posted. Also you can post your images and participate in online discussions amongst the old and new students of the academy


Content based training program - the training ends only when you are confident enough to handle everything on your own.

Vast range of topics covered- check the course contents

Lifetime support - You get full support and feed back even after you finish your training.

Limited number of students - you get more individual attention.

Updated and relevant content- since you are trained by a practicing photographer, you get the most updated information.

Flexible time slots - Option to choose between different time slots available during the day, most suitable for busy working people.

Well equipped studio infrastructure - get hands on experience with professional studio lights and other equipment.

Well designed pictorial presentations with short films - theory classes are as good as practically checking out.

Discussion forums on internet -  highly active group online where current and ex students can ask and discuss questions on various topics.

students own galleries on the net.

Complete guidance - from buying a camera to setting up a studio and a successful career.

Models for shoots - models are invited for practical shoots exclusively for students

Training Films - watch exclusive international training films and documentaries on photography and lighting.

Digital Darkroom - changing with the times, the wet darkroom is replaced by the dry one. the course includes the tips and tricks of photoshop.

Resume any time later in your lifetime without paying anything more if you are unable to complete the training ,for any reason or if you want to refresh your knowledge.

Most reasonable course fee  for lifetime membership

Opportunities Many of the academy members are associated with Win-initiative, a new york based stock agency. You too can earn money by selling your images to them or any other agency.

Exhibitions are held periodically to showcase and sell the photographs of the students. check out

New to Photography ? Just picked up a new camera ? or have been struggling to get some good shots with a DSLR ? This is where you will get the solution to all your questions. Especially designed by Munish, for people who are not based in delhi, or who can not come over to Delhi for our reputed well established photography courses being conducted since 1993.

You may be based in America, Europe, Australia or any other part of the world, its quite simple to participate in this online photography course which is supported by a continuos support while you are being trained online across the country lines.

The online training involves the following parameters during your lifetime membership.

DIRECT ONLINE TRAINING - Learn directly from Munish through his practical and interactive sessions through well written tutorials and short training films. Go through these at your convenience and at your own pace. Keep moving ahead as you cover various topics and stages as if you were reading a book or watching a film. No need to finish it fast or follow a deadline. These tutorials include everything that you need and none that you don't. Simple to understand, the online book includes photographs, complete technical and compositional information, tutorial films, behind the scenes coverage etc. Something you cant understand ? simply skip it and move ahead. You can even come back to it later or simply ask us to explain you further !  so we actually converse while you learn, keeping track of your progress.

Its a myth that Photography is very technical. Even if it may be, everything is explained in very easy to understand language. After all you want to be a Photographer and not a technician. 

​ Whats Covered ? - Everything from basics to Advance. Well written tutorials are supported by Photographs, Illustrations and short films demonstrating the particular topic. If you are not able to understand something, simply ask, and we will explain it more elaborately to you. 

Where ever possible we have included the actual shooting footage to give you a better idea about how to go about a particular shoot. Concepts are explained as the shoot progresses. For you it's hands on experience.


Know How on a  vast variety of genres is included through tutorials, practical videos and demonstrations. This includes Fashion, Journalism, Weddings, Advertising, Street, Travel, Glamour, Food, Architecture and Interiors, Modelling and so on.

Feedback and interaction is important ! which is why we listen to you and interact with you. You can interact directly with Munish and express your viewpoints, discuss situations, ask questions or seek feedback on your photographs. Simply post images and questions and get comments and answers directly from Munish. 

Critique is very important in any creative process. As long as you want, you can send in your photographs for a constructive critique of your learning. As you grow, you will start looking at things more artistically rather than just technically.

Whats More ? We intend to continuously update the content and add more and more tutorials, films and photographs at no additional cost. As you evolve as a photographer, you start participating in more mature discussions on photography and move on to the higher levels with your skills.​

for just 99 USD / 8000 INR

How does it work ? sign up - pay - learn - interact - and very soon you will feel the difference ! You will not only see an improvement in your photographs but an all new approach towards photography and your work !

Interested ? Its simple to Join in. And it never expires !

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