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Cinematic Films - Just as wedding photography has evolved, Indian Wedding Films have also transformed from simple boring coverage of your wedding into a nice thematic documentary style of wedding cinema. Our off-beat wedding films are simple yet creative tales that narrate your complete wedding story, filmed in our signature style. TWR always uses the best of the cinematography equipment and techniques which are periodically updated with modern sophisticated canon and Sony cameras. Not only that, we give a lot of importance to the talent behind the camera and later at the stage of editing. We understand your perception of creativity and shoot and edit the videos as per your liking. our wedding films are tailor made for your big day and perfectly complement your wedding photos. Visit our Indian Wedding Cinematography Gallery to check out some of our latest films. Do give us a chance to make your wadding memories come alive through our cinematic videos.

Wedding Photography - Considered one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, India we take extra care to ensure that we live up to the standards set by us. It's not just the final wedding images or the wedding films that matter, it's the overall experience that counts as well. We discuss your requirements and understand your perspective of good wedding photography as well as we know that what works for one may not work for another couple. Being flexible about our approach is what sets us apart, besides many other things, which constitute in the making of a good wedding story, be it images or cinematic wedding films. 

Candid wedding Photography - Wedding Photography is an art form. When the emotions are captured through candid photography, you get the most natural results. Our wedding photographers specialise in exclusive candid wedding photography. Not that we do not stage some photographs as and when required but most of the times our photography is an artistic, truthful representation of all the smiles and laughter, tears and fleeting moments that you go through as your wedding ceremonies solemnise. Wedding is the beginning of a new relationship not just between the Bride and the groom but the whole family. Two families are bonded together and this is what we continue to look for as we shoot a wedding. Not just the couple, but all the family and friends are equally important for us and we loose no opportunity to capture them in our cameras, as they exchange smiles, follow traditions, bless the new couple or simply freak out with the beats of the Dhol.

We Love Pre-wedding shoots and so do most of the couples these days. It gives a chance for the wedding photography team to interact and understand the couple better and the couple also gets more friendly with their photographers and cinematographers. We try not to shoot in a very cliche manner and be different in our pre-wedding films and photographs, as every couple is different. We discuss our plans in detail and unlike other wedding photographers and keen listeners. We are shooting for you and essentially we need to convey your thoughts as well through our art. We try to involve you which helps you relax and express better in your photographs as well as pre wedding film. You have the option to shoot on paid locations exclusively meant for the purpose of pre-wedding shoots or around the streets, monuments and parks. If you prefer intimacy and wish to keep it more of a private affair, our studio in Delhi is very centrally located and it can be utilised at no additional cost. Nothing is better than the areas which personally relate to you and are part of your life. It makes the per-wedding film more realistic and closer to your heart. On the other hand, you may want to be a part of a lavish set and make your pre-wedding film and photographs more like a dream. 

Choosing a good wedding photographer along with a good cinematographer for cinematic filming of your wedding ceremonies can be quite challenging. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind before you consider someone to cover your wedding. Do check out the past work especially on the website as professionals will certainly have a website and not just Facebook or instagram accounts. Experience is very important as every second person is a photographer today. You need to trust someone experienced in the photography world to handle your wedding. Events unfold unexpectedly sometimes and only experienced hands can manage such situations. Candid and cinematic are good to sound but you need to get some great results eventually. You do need the coverage of your wedding besides some creative shots. It has to be a right balance of creative and documentary style of photography and filming so that nothing is missed out in your wedding photography. Turn around time to deliver your photos and videos is another key factor, though you may not get the right idea initially. we at TWR, do not make false commitments of handing over everything instantly. Good things take time to prepare and put together so that you get to see the best, for the very reason you have hired us. It's all about professionalism in wedding photography industry, that matters the most and helps us get a chance to shoot more weddings in your family. When you compare prices, do not simply compare the elements like wedding albums and the number of photographers. If you like the past work, let the professionals decide the number of photographers and cinematographers to be involved based on your budget. In Creative fields, it's difficult to compare prices directly. Go for a Pre-wedding shoot with the team and that can also help you get the exact idea about the standards which the team maintains. Many people ask us if we do muslim or sikh weddings? Over the period of time, we have had an opportunity to shoot and experience different cultures and religions, our country has to offer, through wedding photography. Our team is always keen to shoot at a new locations, exploring new cultures and traditions. Many of our weddings have been a beginning of a relationship between different cultures and religions. 

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